Would You Win An Academy Award for Your Interview?

I just saw the King’s Speech this past week and recognized some of the anxiety that Bertie felt when he stepped up to the microphone!  While Colin Firth put on a brilliant performance, it is probably not a performance that would win anyone an Academy Award in the interview process or in a presentation!

Bertie (soon to be King George VI) made a few mistakes in his attempt to solve a persistent problem and to overcome the fear he knew would be disabling for him in his new role:

  1. He thought he could maintain his façade (identity) and solve the problem.  What he didn’t acknowledge is that we have to be willing to give up our identity so we can be authentic.  At the end of the day, his willingness to recognize that he was just like other people and could be truthful with himself allowed him to get beyond some obstacles he had been stuck behind!
  2. He rejected the “coaching” because he didn’t want to step out of his comfort zone. What he discovered was that when he allowed himself to do things he couldn’t imagine a “royal” would do, when he began to trust the coach, he began to get real results.
  3. He kept his passions under control.  When he let out his passions either in anger (at his coach) or in love (with his daughters), he found his voice.  Your voice, kept under wraps, only has you appear ordinary!
  4. He wanted to focus on the “mechanics” and not on the rest of his life.  When he was willing to work with the coach on looking at the whole person, he had some major breakthroughs in his ability to use his voice.

Having an effective interview or delivering an effective presentation is more about you showing up authentically, expressing what you have to express in your own unique voice, and trusting your ability to connect with others than about getting the mechanics right!   Practicing your response to questions is part of the “mechanics” you have to include in your preparation.  And when you go deeper in your exploration of what you really have to offer – of doing what even the future King George VI found he had to do – that is when you will win the Academy Award!

Contact Pegotty Cooper (pegotty@pegottycooper.com) if you would like to go beyond he mechanics and bring out your unique voice and authentic you in your career development efforts or in preparation for an upcoming interview.  Check out the free consultation link on the right side of this site – by the picture of the calendar. (http://bit.ly/PegottyCalendar)

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