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Making Networking a Game

We all have our opinions about networking events – and most of us would prefer to do anything but attend a networking event – so here are a few tips to make the networking event a game.  Many of these tips come from Vanessa Van Edwards who gathers research about the science of humans and […]

5 Ways to SCORE with your Boss

Managing up is the key to advancing your career, whether your up is to the board or to the CEO or to your manager. Whoever is “up” has the same fears and concerns that every human being has. Here are 5 ways for you to have them see you as an indispensible part of the […]

Don’t stop yourself, create an experiment!

For almost everything we do, we can approach “It” with a mindset that makes it a big stakes game of win or lose OR we can approach it as “an experiment.” When you make it an experiment, it isn’t just about doing it the right way or the wrong way, it is about learning from […]

Can You Over Prepare for the Interview?

And a related question we will answer here about the interview PROCESS: who is interviewing whom? You are there to find out what they need. And when you find out what they need you can share with them what you have that will help them address that need and get the results they are looking […]

Become a Believer in Asking Questions!

Be curious. Ask great questions! Going for an interview or exploring some potential employers? Ask open ended questions of people you meet who work there –What do you like best about working there? What is the prevailing management style? What is the average age (or most prevalent) age of employees? How long have people on […]

Creative Ways to Energize Your Network!

One of the participants in my job search groups this morning announced: “My network is beginning to light up! People are beginning to understand what I am looking for and are coming forward with new contacts and connections for me to pursue!” Just the way it is supposed to work! Here are a couple of […]

Where to Look for the Right Person to Connect With!

It is commonly accepted that networking is the most effective way to find your next opportunity, whether you are looking for a job or a new challenge where you currently work. “But is doesn’t work”, many people will say!  “I’ve tried and I don’t meet the right people!” Is it possible that you are looking […]