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Putting YOU in Your Resume, Really!

Last week I did a webinar for ASAE Career Services about the Qualifications Summary in the resume. The title was Taking your Resume from Good to Great: Putting YOU in the Qualifications Summary!

“The concept of being able to be ‘me’ in a resume was almost stunning. Didn’t think that was ‘allowed’. Wow!”

The response to the webinar was eye opening. Over 325 people registered in advance so the title obviously struck a note even before the webinar began.

The most telling responses on the post-event survey were all along the lines of the quote above. Over and over people implied …

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Become a Believer in Asking Questions!

Be curious. Ask great questions!

Going for an interview or exploring some potential employers?

Ask open ended questions of people you meet who work there –What do you like best about working there? What is the prevailing management style? What is the average age (or most prevalent) age of employees? How long have people on staff been on the job?

How often does the leadership meet face to face with the employees? What is important to the organization? What kinds of goals do people have? Are there incentives offered for performance? Is information shared in all directions? …

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Exploring “Fit” in the Interview!

Just what does it mean – we’re looking for someone that is the “right fit”?

The chances are good they are not talking about a skills fit, an experience fit, or an accomplishment fit! Those are a given by the time you pass the screening for the interview – or they are close enough that the organization knows that what it needs to check for now is “fit”.

The questions that interviewers are trying to answer about “Fit” include:

Do you have enough in common with and compatible with the people with whom you will be spending a lot of time?
Do …

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Lead with Your Heart!

Patrick Lencioni introduces Daniel Harkavy as his coach in the foreward to Harkavy’s book Becoming a Coaching Leader. Harkavy asserts there are two big difference-makers between great leaders and just good leaders: 1. Great leaders take special delight in developing their people, in becoming coaching leaders; and 2. The fuel that makes it happen is heart – your beliefs about your people and their potential impact your success or failure as a leader. Many managers are uncomfortable in discussing the “non-business” aspects of an employee’s life and this is often the piece that is …

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Creative Ways to Energize Your Network!

One of the participants in my job search groups this morning announced: “My network is beginning to light up! People are beginning to understand what I am looking for and are coming forward with new contacts and connections for me to pursue!”

Just the way it is supposed to work! Here are a couple of factors which can make that happen:

1. Repeated communication with your network about who you are and what you are looking for.

Sometimes the people you are talking to don’t get it right the first time. Have you noticed that you get inappropriate job listings from people you …

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Navigating to the CEO Spot – for Association Executives

“The grass is always greener on the other side of the septic tank!” –is how Denise Fandel, Executive Director of the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer started the conversation! A sentiment shared by several other people that I interviewed about the journey to the #1 spot – said only half jokingly because, like becoming a parent, most said: “If I had known what I was getting into, maybe I wouldn’t have been so eager!! AND I wouldn’t give up the experience for anything in the world!”

Denise offered a few of the lessons she learned:

1. The buck stops here. …

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Focus On Your Outcomes!

Have you ever noticed that you really really really want to reach a certain outcome in your life and it seems like the results you want just elude you.  Nothing seems to work and you feel as though you are stalled?

Whether you are looking for a new job or transforming your current job into something that gets your juices flowing, focusing on your desired outcome is the only way to keep moving in the direction you want to move in.

I was inspired to look at these things after reading a book by Mark …

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