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ASAE Annual Meeting

If you are attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Dallas this year,  join me for a session entitled Killer Culture or Culture Killer? which I am co-leading with Denise Fandel, CAE, Executive Director of the Board of Certification for the National Athletic Trainers Association. The session is scheduled on Monday, August 13, 2012, 1:30 – 2:45 p.m.

Description: Is your organization’s culture one that stimulates new ideas and innovative conversations? Do interactions among employees, leadership, and membership create a kaleidoscope where pieces fall together, or do they fall apart? Explore two conceptual models that impact employee …

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What I wish you for the new year is MOJO!

With a New Year upon us, what I wish you for the new year is MOJO!

Marshall Goldsmith, author of the book MOJO: How to Get It, How To Keep It and How to Get It Back If You Lose It, defines “Mojo” as “that positive spirit toward what we are doing now that starts from the inside and radiates to the outside.”

A few key words here…NOW, not yesterday, not tomorrow. 

Do you have a positive spirit toward what you’re doing NOW?  It starts on the inside and radiates to the outside. 

Are you showing on the outside what is going on in the …

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5 Ways to SCORE with your Boss

Managing up is the key to advancing your career, whether your up is to the board or to the CEO or to your manager. Whoever is “up” has the same fears and concerns that every human being has. Here are 5 ways for you to have them see you as an indispensible part of the association!

Solutions: Come to the table with solutions. When you dump a problem in the boss’ lap, or when you make excuses about why you can’t give them what they are asking for without providing another option, they wonder why you are …

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4 Strategies for Mastering the Whitewater

Like it or not, there is no new normal that looks anywhere near what the old normal looked like – a nice period of stability between periods of change. Change is the order of the day – not just periodic incremental change, but big disruptive change – permanent whitewater as Gregory Shea describes in his book Your Job Survival Guide: A Manual for Thriving in Change. Naturally this calls on us to develop a different approach to what our real job is – thriving in change no matter where you are on our career path. Shea uses …

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Adding Meaning to the Season of Giving!

I guess it started with the three magi and their gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh or the miracle of the oil and Chanukah Gelt, or maybe the introduction of St. Nick or Santa Claus or perhaps gifts to celebrate Epiphany or the New Year! Whatever the messages from your past or from the media that stimulate you to think about giving – here are three different ways for you to think about gifts during this season:

The first is to consider your own gifts and to give them freely!  Often we undervalue our own …

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Don’t stop yourself, create an experiment!

For almost everything we do, we can approach “It” with a mindset that makes it a big stakes game of win or lose OR we can approach it as “an experiment.” When you make it an experiment, it isn’t just about doing it the right way or the wrong way, it is about learning from the actions you took, the technique you applied, and the learning that resulted from the experiment.

If you see everything you do as having a huge meaning for you, if you focus on the horrible consequences if you don’t do it perfectly, or when something …

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Transform Everyday into Thanksgiving!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” — William Arthur Ward

Intentional Creation Assessment can teach you how to gain clarity and confidence during these challenging times. Then join me for a free teleseminar by clicking on one of the dates below:

November 17th 6:30pm EST

November 30th 6:30pm EST

December 9th 6:30pm EST

Gratitude is a gracious acknowledgement of all that sustains us.

Gratitude is the confidence in life itself.

Gratitude is the unshakable belief that “all is well”.

Gratitude does not envy or compare.

Gratitude grows and it …

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