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4 Tips for Getting Your Advisors On The Same Team

I Started Out Ready to be Special!

I am 5 1/2 years old, the oldest of 4 children in the family and I have just started 1st grade.  I am really excited about dinner this evening because my dad is bringing home a guest for dinner and for the first time I am going to be part of the adult conversation! We are all seated around a big wooden table – Mommy and Daddy, my younger brother and sister, the baby, and THE GUEST!  We sing grace and then I puff my chest and sit up really straight and I tell …

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Three Tips for Dealing with the Question of “What’s Next?”

Let’s say you are 50 or so.  You have done a good job of developing your career, becoming a credible manager and leader, of getting results; and something makes you realize that you do not want to spend the rest of your life doing what you are doing!  Maybe it is a health scare; maybe a life event that has you feel your mortality; maybe a Godzilla President; a divorce, a child who starts their career and is on fire about it!

So, what’s next?

And then of course the practical side of your brain pipes in and asks “and how will …

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Celebrating Creativity: Getting out of the Box, 2

“Every actor wants to break out of the box that they put you in and that’s where I’m heading, out of the box as fast as I can.”
Rick Springfield

Speaking of getting out of the box,

we also use that phrase for finding unique new solutions to places where we may be stuck. Think out of the box! Implying that being in the box is square and unimaginative.

But being in the box can also imply that you are cut off from others, that there may be barriers between you and the other(s). Maybe even conflict!

If your job, department, board or organization is …

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Getting Out of the Box for Halloween!

Halloween is about getting out of the box – getting out of your own identity for the evening and having permission to become another persona – just for fun!!
I lived in a small, fairly quiet mid-western town for a few years of my life, and one of my fondest memories is of Mike and Shirley’s Halloween Parties. The requirement was that you use your creative juices to make up your own costume, no store-bought costumes allowed, and bring your most outrageous and fun-loving self to the effort! The added twist was that you and 2 – 3 others would pile …

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Am I too old?

Have you wondered “Am I too Old”?

Can one be too old to find new employment?

I asked this question of several people involved in executive search this week and they said – “this year I have placed someone 62, 65, and 68 years old”. Another echoed that – “I had two finalists for a position and they were 62 and 65 – and there were younger people in the candidate pool.“

Naturally some of it depends on the industry. But what is most important is the level of energy, enthusiasm and engagement.

Oh yes, and did they do their homework or are they …

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Moms and Bosses


Moms and bosses there is a distinct parallel between being a parent and being a boss, let me share with you how that is.

I can say I have been very lucky to have a number of mothers in my life. My first mother provided me first with life and a loving home; and then lots of siblings. She died suddenly from equine encephalitis when I was 8 years old. My Dad married again about two years later – he was very lucky to find a women who wanted to take on five children plus her one to make a family …

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Do I Really Have To Customize My Resume?

Do I really have to customize my resume?

Come on guys!  If you want to get sorted to the short stack of YES resumes – you bet you want to customize your resume to the job being offered!  Not only that but you want to make it easy for the reader to grasp who you are and be inspired by your interest, commitment and passion.

Don’t just take my word for it – here is the feedback you will never hear directly from a hiring executive:

“I had nearly 200 applicants for the job.  If the resume is too cumbersome to …

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