What It Takes to Win the Game!

Winning the Game takes PURPOSE!

Your VISION is the game; PURPOSE is the role you are playing in the game.

I don’t mean game in the sense of this is a silly diversion or an entertaining contrivance!  By GAME I mean the realization of your vision, the new reality you are creating with the picture you have painted of the future – whether it is having a “world famous” reputation or world peace.  Being fully employed or becoming CEO.  Having a date every Saturday night or being married to your soul mate!  And the game you are playing gives you a reason to get on the field, to practice, to experiment with different approaches, to work with others to accomplish what you can’t do on your own, and to celebrate the successes when the scoreboard says YOU WON!

Winning the Game takes PRACTICE

Now the first time you get on the field and play the game (this new game you created for yourself, your vision)  instead of sitting on the sidelines, you might not make the moves that have you score, or your timing in working with your team may be off, or you misinterpret the signals and go in the wrong direction!  It takes practice to learn the right plays and be able to communicate effectively with your other team members.  You will have to practice over and over and over until those plays are automatic – as habits, and then you can move your attention to experimenting with new ways to play the game!  It is easy to give up before you have developed the habits which lead you to success!  Let me just go back to the old game – at least I knew how to play that one!

Winning the Game takes PEOPLE

I know it is easier to create a game where you don’t have to play with others.  But that is really going to limit the scope of your game, the length of time you can play and the score you are likely to achieve!  Other people have different perspectives, different ideas, different experiences and yes, sometimes different agendas.  But when you are playing the game, sometimes you bring someone in just for a specific purpose, like a pinch hitter, who can do something which will help you score right now but may never be on the field again.  Being able to connect with others, to use their knowledge and experience, and to engage them in ways that serve their needs and yours as well, just makes it easier to win – and you will probably get there faster!

Winning the Game takes PASSION

This is really the “secret sauce” to sustaining your energy in playing the game.  When you are passionate about the game you are playing, a few upsets and flubbed plays won’t make a difference.  They are just great learning experiences, coachable moments, opportunities for growth and development.  And PASSION keeps everything in perspective!  The PASSION pulls you forward to succeed even in the face of a booing crowd!  Or when the little voice in your head says “See, I told you so!” or maybe “I quit, I don’t want to play anymore!”

And have you ever seen a game being played without a coach?  The coach’s role is to remind you about your vision and purpose and passion and to help you connect with people to help you do what you can’t do alone!

Which of these 4 P’s is most challenging for you?   Which have you mastered?

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