Stepping up to bat

When you think about it, the whole process of finding a job is like playing a game of baseball – you probably aren’t going to get to home base the first time you get up to bat, so keeping your eye on the next base is the name of the play!

STEPPING UP TO BAT: You have to step up to bat over and over so you get the practice of focus and fine tuning the way you present yourself (the resume)!

FIRST BASE: Your goal at bat is to hit the ball so you can get to first base and at least go through a screening interview.  Sometimes this requires going back to basics, getting some help from others, tips, contacts, and influence so you can get  in to take a swing at an interview.

SECOND BASE: Once you have made it to first base – the next goal is second base – a second interview – an opportunity to prove what you can do or to make a connection to what they need.  Greasing the skids for that is the thank you note, reiterate your strengths, get your contacts to get feedback, do some more homework based on what you learned in the first interview, and get your stories ready that prove your value and show where you can make a difference in the results that an employer is after.

THIRD BASE: Once you are at second base, you want to get to third base – is this job a good fit, is this the right job for you, understanding what you can negotiate, getting an offer.  And the goal once you get the offer is to negotiate the deal that is right for you and right for the company.

HOMEBASE: You got the job offer and you have a start date. Finally. This is not the time to sit back on your laurels.  The first impression that you give your colleagues, your boss, your bosses boss, your customers will set the tone for how you are perceived by organization. At the same time you are feeling incompetent for a period of time until you learn the ropes.  How you show up during this stressful time will also create perceptions about who you are and whether or not he decision to hire you was a good one!  Will they invite you up to bat for the next opportunity?

If you are in the game, be sure what you are doing is what is required to get to the next base!  Maybe you need to talk to the coach!

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