Salary is Not the Only Measure of Your Value

In the world of work, the most prevalent way we have of measuring our value is the salary or the total compensation package. That makes sense – after all, we are selling our services to a market place and the value of those services is reflected in how much we are paid for them.

But is that the only measure of your value?

Association staff today are experiencing the discouraging notion of having to go back to a salary they were earning 20 years ago or at some earlier stage in their career development. This is happening for a variety of reasons – positions are being combined with other similar roles in the hope that there is enough synergy that some of each job can be handled by the same person; organizations are cutting salaries instead of laying people off; revenue is going down and when someone leaves, job titles are being downgraded at lower salary levels and this ultimately permeates the association salary levels for everyone.

The reality is that there is a new normal developing and the ways in which we measured our worth – salaries, bonuses, vacations, job title, status and other perks – and of course the ability to spend and accumulate the accoutrements of “the good life” – are all being dramatically impacted.

Maybe it is time to measure our worth in other terms –a productive and happy team, supporting others in reaching their goals, great relationships with clients, a network of people who provide mutual support to each other; and beyond the workplace – time spent with family and friends, at-home gatherings with neighbors, opportunities to engage in community activities, doing work that has an impact on others, and just getting back to the basics.

If you were not to measure your value by your salary, how would YOU measure your value?

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