Putting YOU in Your Resume, Really!

Last week I did a webinar for ASAE Career Services about the Qualifications Summary in the resume. The title was Taking your Resume from Good to Great: Putting YOU in the Qualifications Summary!

The concept of being able to be ‘me’ in a resume was almost stunning. Didn’t think that was ‘allowed’. Wow!”

The response to the webinar was eye opening. Over 325 people registered in advance so the title obviously struck a note even before the webinar began.

The most telling responses on the post-event survey were all along the lines of the quote above. Over and over people implied that they thought that they had to fit into a box that didn’t allow their uniqueness and “specialness” to be expressed.

Are you hearing this anyone who is a manager or leader of people in an organization? I am willing to bet that that belief does not go away when the resume becomes an employee! How many of your employees are afraid to show their real talents and gifts for fear of not fitting in? Or perhaps out of fear of standing out?

Your Competitive Advantage

In Seth Godin’s latest book Linchpin, he says “The only way to get to new levels of effectiveness is to have people to express not suppress their specialness”.

If you are a job seeker, if you don’t distinguish yourself , you will be a victim in the new economy. If you are an employer, if you don’t distinguish yourself and your team and your organization then you will be a victim in the new economy.

Hmmm! There seems to be a good argument for putting YOU in the Qualifications Summary and then appreciating the real you in all of your workplace engagements.

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