Where to Look for the Right Person to Connect With!

It is commonly accepted that networking is the most effective way to find your next opportunity, whether you are looking for a job or a new challenge where you currently work.

“But is doesn’t work”, many people will say!  “I’ve tried and I don’t meet the right people!”

Is it possible that you are looking for networking is all the wrong places and for all the wrong reasons!

Can you answer these questions about the person with whom you want to network?

What title does the person have who is most likely to make the decision about the job or opportunity you want?  Where do they work?  If you say I don’t know to either of these questions, it is time to do some exploring and research to answer those questions.

When you can answer these questions, the next question is:

How many of these managers do you know?  If you answer one or two, that is a place to start.  And what naturally follows is “How do I meet more “XYZ Managers (substitute here the title of the person you want to connect with)”?

Here are 8 places to look:

1. Ask the people you already know to give you referrals to the XYZ Managers they know

2. Find people who do business with XYZ Managers and ask them for referrals.

3. Build relationships through XYZ Manager workshops and professional events.

4. Offer to do an internship in XYZ Manager’s offices.

5. Attend networking events that involve XYZ Managers

6. Frequent coffee shops or lunch places where XYZ Managers hang out.

7. Go to after –hours places where XYZ Managers go after work.

8. Join philanthropic organizations that XYZ Managers are a part of.

Finding out when and where these events happen may be questions to pose to members of your network or with people that know something about the people you are trying to reach.  Taking time to call your existing network may be a better use of your time than going off to free networking events where you don’t know who you will find! Invest your time in targeting your efforts to meet the people that are the decision makers!  You will get a much better return on your efforts.

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  • rhondahess says:

    You are a networking master, Pegotty, so it's grand you're sharing your secrets. I also find the “give, give, get” method works well which is to do a few simple things for folks to support them. It might be promoting them in some way, bringing them something valuable, giving another resource. People like people who serve.

    • Thank you for sharing your comments about “give,give,give”. You are the master of that as anyone who has been to your blog http://www.prosperouscoachblog.com know! All we have to do is to let go of our scarcity mentality and take the leap of faith that we will get back much more than we give in the relationships that we build and nurture!

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