Getting Organized – 8 Steps for Managing Your Job Alerts

In the last post we talked about assembling the tool kit for the job search process. For the next few weeks I will be posting some of the processes that you may want to systematize so that you can use your time effectively get the most out of every one of your job search days! Today is the process of Managing Your Job Alerts. We will also be covering processes for Networking Follow-up, Preparing for the Interview, Assembling Your Top 30 List, and many more.

Hey, if you have some ideas about which processes would help you to become more effective at the job search process or maybe even to enjoy it more, let me know in the comments section below!

  1. Set up alerts on all of the job boards and career sites which meet your search criteria for job opportunities. Once you have done your initial search for postings, you can set up an automatic email to alert you about new postings on the site as they are added.
  2. Do a scrub of alerts you subscribe to and start extracting jobs that are of interest to you. As part of your reciprocal relationship building, you can also forward job posting that don’t fit you to other people that may be interested.
  3. Put the new job postings in a word doc and add notes and details such as when you downloaded the posting, from which site, a brief description, etc. When you have all of the alerts combined, prioritize the posts which have the highest priority and decide what to do with the rest.
  4. Search your database, LinkedIn and other social networking resources for contacts related to the job opportunities and contact them for insights and support in moving your resume through the process to get it on the desk of the hiring manager with a strong internal recommendation.
  5. Craft a cover memo and customize the resume for the submission process. This may take two to three hours to complete each application process.
  6. Keep a copy of every cover letter and resume for reuse later so you don’t have to start from scratch
  7. Maintain your Career log to track your job applications, where you learned of it, when you applied, the web address, follow-up conversations, interview date, people of influence you know related to job, and anything else you want to track specific to that job opportunity.
  8. You may also want to maintain a list of network contacts and track your contacts with them so that you can keep them updated about your search process.

What process have you developed to help you in the job search process? Share the wealth here with other job seekers and be in a drawing to win a giveaway Job Search Strategy Session worth $297.

Pegotty Cooper is a Certified Career Coach who works primarily with association executives. Many of these tool and job search processes are discussed in her weekly career search group calls. And she is available one-on-one for resumes, collateral material, interview preparation, social media activities. For a complimentary job search or career strategy session, or to find out more about any of the services mentioned here, go to: and schedule a half hour call.

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