Lead with Your Heart!

Patrick Lencioni introduces Daniel Harkavy as his coach in the foreward to Harkavy’s book Becoming a Coaching Leader. Harkavy asserts there are two big difference-makers between great leaders and just good leaders: 1. Great leaders take special delight in developing their people, in becoming coaching leaders; and 2. The fuel that makes it happen is heart – your beliefs about your people and their potential impact your success or failure as a leader. Many managers are uncomfortable in discussing the “non-business” aspects of an employee’s life and this is often the piece that is missing in helping employees become champions!

Leading with heart takes courage and that “V” word – Vulnerability. Lencioni himself identifies invulnerability (the absence of trust – and a resistance to being vulnerable by trusting) as one of the Five Temptations of a CEO in a book by the same name. Lencioni challenges the reader to ask the following questions:

  • Do you have a hard time admitting when you are wrong?
  • Do you fear your direct reports want your job?
  • Do you try to keep your greatest weakness secret from your direct reports?

There is no place to hide. While we believe we can put on a lot of bravado, our weaknesses are usually pretty evident to those who spend enough time around us. And our fear of being found out usually transmits itself without our permission through our “mirror neurons”. So it is better to accept one of the realities you will hopefully come to embrace – when you are your genuine self, warts and all, and lead with your heart (as well as your head) you will be a magnet for people. They will want to be around you and to follow you on whatever path you are taking.

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