Are you just settling in your current work?

  • That happens.  One day you are excited about what you are doing and think that you are in the catbird’s seat.  The next day you are bored and can’t seem to get your juices flowing like they used to!
  • You may feel as though this is the time when you should be making your biggest contribution but you are dealing with the same stuff you were dealing with a decade ago!  How do you fight you way out of that dead end and turn it into something meaningful?
  • You may feel stuck when it comes to contemplating change – You haven’t really focused on yourself in networking, your resume is outdated, and your last interview was something you would rather forget!
  • Or you may be looking for what’s next!  What work can I do that leverages my experience and also taps into the things I am realizing are important and meaningful to me?

If you are looking for your next CEO role, or are a senior staff person aspiring to be in an executive position in a trade or professional association –

Here you have a thinking partner and a champion to get you into action quickly and confidently so you can stand out from the competition. And new perspectives on managing your association career, creating an effective job search campaign, and uncovering not just any job, but one that really gets your juices flowing again!

If you are looking for what’s next, I have a number of clients who are going through the process of positioning themselves for their next why! What is your why? What do you need to let go of thinking it might work for someone else, but not for you?

Call me for a Discovery Session – complimentary and value packed – with the focus on YOU!

NO Strings Attached! I just want you to experience the freedom and peace of mind you deserve!

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