Free Giveaways!

Welcome to Career Strategy Roadmap – and my bonus giveaway page!

You probably attended a seminar where I was speaking and are interested in some of the materials I spoke about.

 Here is what you can download from here:

  1.  List for Free Online Education from colleges, universities, and major professional associations.
  2.  Tips about how to research a job listing and adapt your resume and cover letter to the needs of the employer.
  3.  Mining for Gold – where to gather information about your strengths and how others view you. 

 Check back here from me to time as I will add useful information based on requests I get in seminars and webinars.

 I also offer Resume Reviews, Resume Revisions, Resume Creation, Cover Letters, Social Media Profiles, and Interview Preparation.  I can help you overcome your fear of networking.  For more information about my services, go to the page and take advantage of the complimentary strategy session if you are really serious about finding the job that will get your juices flowing again!

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