Do I Really Have To Customize My Resume?

Do I really have to customize my resume?

Come on guys!  If you want to get sorted to the short stack of YES resumes – you bet you want to customize your resume to the job being offered!  Not only that but you want to make it easy for the reader to grasp who you are and be inspired by your interest, commitment and passion.

Don’t just take my word for it – here is the feedback you will never hear directly from a hiring executive:

“I had nearly 200 applicants for the job.  If the resume is too cumbersome to read, and the cover letter really doesn’t show any enthusiasm for THIS job…if it sounds like it could have been for any association management job and h/she didn’t tailor it to the needs that we have as posted in the job description, I won’t bother to consider that person!

When combing through so many resumes, I can only include those people who were inspirational to me – who come across as both uniquely qualified AND passionate about this particular opportunity.”

If you take the “why bother” attitude with your resume, the hiring executive can only assume you will show the same laissez faire attitude with the rest of the job.  Or in your willingness to go the extra mile for a member, or for an elected leader – or even for your own growth and development!

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