Creating Star Quality in your Interview

Imagine the person that would be a real “star” in the position you are applying for.  How do you imagine they would be dressed?  How would they enter the room?  Introduce him or her self?  How would they be managing the conversation?  What would they want to get from the 60 minute interview?  What information is critical so that they can move forward and get the job done? How would they end the meeting?  What would be the next step?

What shift do you have to make in how you view yourself to be create that presence?  What homework about the organization, the industry, and the interviewers do you have to do? What questions do you want to ask people that are in the know about this organization?

You know the answers.  Just ask yourself the right questions to create your own “star quality”.

What questions have you asked yourself that have helped you win an Oscar in the interview?

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