Coaching for Individuals

Pegotty Cooper,


On-the-Spot Laser Coaching:

  • 30-minute laser coaching, getting right to the heart of the matter.
  • Direct questions and feedback to create new options.
  • Walk away with two new options for action and support structure for success.
  • On request: $150
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Bi-weekly 60-90 Minute Coaching Session:

  • Stay on track with job search or career development.
  • Update your resume, Linkedin profile and introduction.
  • Support you in becoming visible and relevant to ideal employers or clients.
  • Prepare for an Interview and/or presentation.
  • Deal with challenging work situation, conflict, or performance concerns.
  • Evaluate options for professional development and strategic focus.
  • $395 per month

Includes assessments and other tools and resources on your private client site
Contact between session by email or text.

Quarterly 90 – Minute Check-In:

  • Once a quarter session to review the progress you have made compared to your specific personal and or professional goals.
  • Is great for CEO who wants a sounding board.
  • Or someone on the ladder for career promotion.
  • Or a close -to-retirement professional designing the next professional engagement
  • $275 per quarter

Includes assessments and other tools and resources on your private client site
Contact between session by email or text.

CareerLeader Assessment

CareerLeader Assessment and Review of the Results

  • Online CareerLeader Assessment
  • 90 minute Debrief of the Results
  • $295 for Assessment and Debrief

What is the Career Leader Assessment?

A fully integrated approach to business career self-assessment
Interests, not skills, are the foundation for career satisfaction. But it is the combination of interests, motivators, and skills that sets the course for an individual’s career.

CareerLeader is a fully integrated approach to business career self-assessment built on the premise that this combination drives career success and satisfaction.

Data-driven insights that promote better decision-making

Based on solid, ongoing scientific research and the founders’
50 collective years of career development coaching at Harvard
Business School and in private practice, the CareerLeader self- assessment

  • Generates a personalized, integrated profile that suggests how to effectively approach a business career.
  • Helps identify the all-important organizational cultures that are likely to be the best fit for the individual.
  • Matches an individual to specific business-related industries and careers, when compared to our database of 500,000 business professionals.

Tools to support related career development activity

The confidence users gain from employing real data to inform career decisions is invaluable.

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