It’s a Clean Slate! A New Day! A New Season! A New Year!

It’s a clean slate, a new day, a new season…A NEW YEAR!

A new organization, client, colleague, boss – an opportunity to redefine yourself, to become the leader – the colleague – the friend – the parent you imagine yourself to be!

We all have a list of things we wish we had done in the past year. We have a list of things we want to do this next year. It is a new beginning and you get to say how the next year is going to unfold for you!

You might start by looking at those two lists and to ask yourself a few key questions that will get the items on those lists in focus:

  • Is this item really going to serve me in the long term?
  • And is this bringing me happiness or satisfaction in the near term?

Rather than creating a long list, create a few questions that you can ask yourself everyday or every week:

  • Am I paying attention to the “Big Rocks”, the areas that lead me to my dreams or my BIG GOALS?
  • Am I developing myself to perform to my fullest capacity?
  • Am I visible/connected to people that can support me in fulfilling my life’s purpose or my career purpose?
  • Am I dealing with the things that need attention or am I tolerating things that drain energy from me?

How you answer these will determine how quickly you move forward, creating the work or life that you imagine! And then take the action which will take even the tiniest step so that you can be living in the affirmative for each of these questions.

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