ReCareering is defined as finding your authentic work in the second half of your life. It is designed for those that are under-employed or empty-employed and it involves redefining your career that stimulates your mind, fires your heart and feeds your spirit.

The program starts with measuring where your strengths are for creating a new career using the ReCareer Success Inventory. Based on the results of that, we create a program based on Dr. Richard Johnson’s book RECAREER, Find Your Authentic Work (2009) and the Career Strategy Roadmap to fill the gap in the areas the will be key to your being successful at creating the next chapter. We also use other tools such an Intentional Creation, a highly validated assessment based on the Hartman Values Profile to understand the strengths in your thinking and also to identify the thoughts that may sabotage a successful “recareer”.


  • One-on-one or coaching for partners
  • On the phone or in your office