Leadership & Career Enhancement

“90% of the failures in the workplace are due to the inability to build and maintain relationships.”
~A. Adler

As a well-educated professional, do you find that the people aspect of your work is where the greatest challenges are? You already possess the knowledge and skills needed to perform brilliantly in your role – all you need is that extra clarity and confidence to go be the authentic leader that you are. This could enhance your effectiveness in areas such as:

  • Speaking your mind and ideas with confidence and clarity with senior management, functional staff, team members, suppliers, and other stakeholders;
  • Skillfully holding functional managers, consultants and team members accountable;
  • Dealing effectively with aggressive team members, team members that interrupt, that resist or won’t let you complete a thought or presentation;
  • Managing the frustration, resignation, or procrastination that may sabotage your results;
  • And most importantly, focusing on those strengths that may contain unused capacity!

I use valuable tools such as the 6 Advisors Assessment, Intentional Creation Profile, or a 360 assessment tool to jump start the process of developing greater self awareness. Leadership and professional development starts with a deepening of the awareness of where you are right now so that you can focus your efforts to get the results you want.

Structured Programs – Scientific Principles: The process of implementing new practices is delivered through the 6 Advisors Coaching Program, the Professional Scorecard, the Career Enhancement Program or other resources identified by either the client or the coach. All of these programs are based on scientific principles of Axiology and Neuroscience which accelerate the process of creating new skills, habits and attitudes.

Delivery: Coaching generally lasts from four to six months and can be delivered individually or in a group, through weekly or bi-weekly sessions in person or via the phone and web conferencing. Or coaching can be for shorter term, specific laser focused sessions with a focus on areas such as:

  • Being Comfortable in Your Leadership Skin
  • Networking for Career Enhancement
  • Moving from Conflict to Conversation
  • Leader as Coach
  • Improving Project Management
  • Peer to Peer Coaching

These can also be delivered as on-site meetings in the form of

  • Brown Bag Luncheons
  • Educational sessions at meetings and conventions
  • Career Days at conferences
  • Staff meeting programs
  • One day or two day workshops
  • Leadership, board or staff retreats