Job Search Strategy

If you find yourself with a bad fit between you and your job or find yourself part of a reorganization or downsizing, I offer a comprehensive career search process which last for 6 – 8 weeks with the option of adding additional time for helping you to stay on track for as long as you need. The benefits you can get from this program include:

  • Clarity about the direction you want to go in.
  • Confidence in the value you bring to the table.
  • Fearlessness in building relationships to support you.
  • A process for identifying your value and relevance in the profession and in the industry.
  • A framework uncovering opportunities and achieving success.

The content includes:

  • Defining a career that aligns with your values, uncovers your authentic self, and builds on your strengths.
  • Exploring the bridges between your experience, your preferences, your value and relevance; and the players in the industry.
  • At the same time you identify the relationships that can help you to explore functional areas, companies, and unexplored territory and help you to uncover opportunities to try out new industries, new job sets, new environments and to evaluate the fit for you.
  • We look at the discipline of networking, including the social media option if you want to find out how to harness this for networking and uncovering jobs I the hidden job market.
  • And then we move into the more traditional job search tasks of developing your resume and cover letter, preparing for the interview and be able to make a connection with the people that are the key to your getting a job.
  • And lastly, making the decision and negotiating the details of the job and being effective in the transition into your new job.


  • One-on-one and group coaching.
  • On the phone or in your office.
  • Career Day at conferences.
  • As an Outplacement Benefit.