Getting Ready for Retirement

Retirement Success Profile and Financial Readiness Review

The “new” retirement is not your Daddy’s retirement! A comprehensive assessment called Retirement Success Profile can provide to you insight into your readiness for retirement from many different perspectives, and a review of your financial reserves by a certified financial coach can help you evaluate the tradeoffs and the choices you to balance living and conserving your assets.

Included are:

  • The Retirement Success Profile (RSP), a scientifically designed profile which measures 15 factors that will ultimately provide the keys to success in the “new retirement” in a 23 page report.
  • A Personalized Action Plan based on the RSP report.
  • The New Retirement, a 121 page paperback book written by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D, developer of the Retirement Success Profile. (available only with the RSP) and
  • Financial Readiness Review, a written report of financial goals, strengths and challenges, and projections and recommendations for the optimal use of your financial resources towards your “new retirement” goals and a one to two hour personal consultation.
    (You provide information in advance for the preliminary analysis and report preparation.)

Benefits: Confidence, peace of mind, and a plan for success in the “new retirement”.

Provided by:

Randall R. Cooper, MBA, CFP, CFEd
Certified Financial Coach
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Certified Retirement Coach
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