Does My Brand Support My Vision for the Job Search

You’ve created your vision, now what?

Describe You as a Success in Expressing Your Vision

To make this more real, I am going to use a vision that a client created just yesterday:

“People nearing retirement confidently making decisions and being inspired stewards of their resources.”

I asked this person to describe the attributes that he saw in himself as he basked in the successful realization of this vision.  He described himself as being excited and passionate about what he was doing, being closely connected to his clients and the success they were enjoying, being clear and confident in the value that he offered to them, and being very focused on making a difference day after day to people that were overwhelmed by the financial conversations that were getting in their way of planning a satisfying retirement.

Take on these Attributes Right Now

You’ll notice that these attributes are in part states of mind and in part results that this person would produce from their actions.  It is the state of mind, the view of himself as being excited, connected, and being clear and confident, that will actually attract the clients to him and help them to produce the results of being confident themselves.  These attributes we can describe as his perspective of himself, or his habits of thinking – something which he could shift in a moment because these attributes, these ways of being, exist only as ideas and concepts in his head and not as actual tangible realities.  Whatever his perception of himself is IS his reality!

Defining Your Personal Brand

You can see that in this picture of his success he has described what he wants his personal brand to be, what he wants to be known for, and how he wants to impact other people.  He wants to be passionate, trusted by his clients, and be focused on helping them to gain confidence in their own ability to make financial decisions.

You can make it more complicated than this, but getting in touch with who you see yourself being in your own heart in your most successis a pretty powerful place to stand as a personal brand!

Compare the Brand to Reality

The next step is  to see how the current reality matches up to this image that he wants to project to potential clients and to the whole in general.  He can ask people that know him or have some experience of him for their honest feedback.

  • How would his current or former manager describe him?
  • What would his professional colleagues come to him for?
  • How would his family or friends describe him?
  • How would his current or former clients describe their relationship with him?
  • What does he say about himself in these areas?

When people observe his actions everywhere he goes, whether in a restaurant, at a meeting, in the grocery store, etc. are they are seeing is the brand he says he is? And when people see his interactions in the social media space, or google his name, are they seeing the brand that he wants to be known as? When he hands someone his resume, writes a cover letter or hands someone any materials which represent him, are they seeing this brand in everything he presents?

Is there a gap?

Whenever you see a representation of yourself that is not consistent with what you want to be seen as your brand, resolve the discrepancy.  That might include looking at how you present yourself on your resume or how you tell your story or what people say about you – what your references might be thinking.  It might be how you show up on the social networking sites or on any other internet reference to you.

Are there any areas that you can see where what you describe as your personal brand is not consistent with what other people might see?

What will you do to resolve this discrepancy?