Become a Believer in Asking Questions!

Be curious. Ask great questions!

Going for an interview or exploring some potential employers?

Ask open ended questions of people you meet who work there –What do you like best about working there? What is the prevailing management style? What is the average age (or most prevalent) age of employees? How long have people on staff been on the job?

How often does the leadership meet face to face with the employees? What is important to the organization? What kinds of goals do people have? Are there incentives offered for performance? Is information shared in all directions? Is there a focus on the mission of the organization? What would you change if you could?

Do more asking than telling in the interview.

Organizations will also put as much weight on the questions you ask in the interview as the answers you give. You want to know that the job and the organization is as good a fit for you as you are for them!

Asking questions gives you an opportunity to show the depth of your listening skills and the ability you have to synthesize the responses you get in the content of the homework you have done about the organization.

And more importantly, asking questions also builds trust because you present yourself as someone who doesn’t have all the answers, who is willing to explore someone else’s ideas and it allows you to step into the other’s world and to get a sense of what they are about.

Share Your Best Questions!

What questions have you asked that have opened up conversations or revealed some very interesting information? Share those here in the comments section below!

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