Am I too old?

Have you wondered “Am I too Old”?

Can one be too old to find new employment?

I asked this question of several people involved in executive search this week and they said – “this year I have placed someone 62, 65, and 68 years old”. Another echoed that – “I had two finalists for a position and they were 62 and 65 – and there were younger people in the candidate pool.“

Naturally some of it depends on the industry. But what is most important is the level of energy, enthusiasm and engagement.

Oh yes, and did they do their homework or are they resting on their laurels and experience? Doing their homework is what makes a difference.

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  • ChrisGreene says:

    I believe that there is always a place for everyone. Jobs require respective ages. If for a job, you are thinking that you are too old, then you should have used your previous jobs to prepare for your life at old age.

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