5 Ways to SCORE with your Boss

Managing up is the key to advancing your career, whether your up is to the board or to the CEO or to your manager. Whoever is “up” has the same fears and concerns that every human being has. Here are 5 ways for you to have them see you as an indispensible part of the association!

Solutions: Come to the table with solutions. When you dump a problem in the boss’ lap, or when you make excuses about why you can’t give them what they are asking for without providing another option, they wonder why you are there! Or worse, you feed their fear that they have to do it all!

Communication: Get to the bottom line. Give them the executive summary. If they have to spend their time condensing the information you are providing to them or sorting through the details to get to the meat of your message or idea, it is likely that your communication will go no further than their ears or their desk. They need your help in distilling the message to something that communicates clearly and concisely.

Organization Perspective: Take the perspective of what is best for the organization. Your focus on your personal agenda alone if the organization is faltering or instead of what will builds and strengthen the organization does not make you a valuable member of the team. If you can’t support the goals of the organization, you lose your credibility and the confidence of your boss!

Responsibility: See the solution through to the end even if the end is outside of your immediate domain. You are responsible not only for dong the right things but also for getting the right results. Your boss is responsible for all of it and is counting on you to understand the effectiveness of what you are doing as part of the ears on the ground.

Even Keel: The ability to be clear and calm no matter what the circumstances or to keep up the spirit of those around you is critical to maintaining a healthy environment in the group. If your boss has to come in to do damage control, your value slides downhill quickly.

Your boss relies on the support of others to be successful – they are counting on you to stand shoulder to shoulder with them to share the load because they cannot do it alone. When they fear that you need to be carried, you add to the problem and not to the solution. Scoring with your boss has a lot to do with instilling in them the confidence that they can consistently count on you to SCORE for the association!

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