4 Ways for Making Impossible Dreams Possible

Life happens and the dreams you had as a teenager or young adult get back-burnered for the demands of “real life”- marriage, kids, job, and the hard work of making it!  Is it now time to dust off that old dream and see whether it still gets your juices flowing!

1. Put aside the question of how you are going to make it happen.  It is in looking at this questions that all of the voices in your head and around you say it can’t be done, it will never happen, Why bother?

2. Put yourself in the picture. What is it like to be engaged in this activity?  Interacting with the people you interact with?  Getting the recognition for your expertise or talents in this area? Or seeing the impact that you are having on other people?

3.  Explore and experiment.  Fulfilling on a dream starts with exploring and experimenting with how you might fit into this picture.  Do you know any who is engaged in this activity?  Is there a school or association where you could learn more about the environment in which this activity takes place.  Who are the key players in this area and have they written anything that you could read?

4.  Connect with the stakeholders. Who benefits from your fulfilling this dream?  What words of encouragement or commitment of support can they give you?  Listen to how they see you being able to succeed at this dream.  When they can be your champion in being successful believe them!

What dreams will you pursue today?

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