4 Keys to Being Indispensable!

Becoming valued, indispensable, the “go-to” person, the source, the sought after team member – is a great foundation on which to build your career and your business!  Here are 5 tips on how to have people want you!

1.  Be interested in others. Find out what is important to them, what they most want, what matters to them, and what really gets their juices flowing!

2.  Listen for those needs out there that are a match for what you are passionate about.  Step up and say I would love to be involved in that, contribute to that this way.  Don’t hesitate. Don’t be shy.  Just step up and offer your valuable gift!

3.  Ask what else we can do in this arena.  Where else is there a need.  Offer ideas, content, resources.  There is more where that comes from!

4.  Create value for everyone in everything you do is what differentiates you as the expert, the source, and the one to go to when someone needs something.  Ask yourself in every interaction, how can I contribute here?  How can I add value for this person?

Wow, what a great reputation to have!

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