3 Tips for Focusing

The more quality focus time you can create in your daily activities the faster you can move towards your desired outcomes.

What do we get caught up in?

Phone calls, e-mails, managing the papers that come in the mail, and tolerating people who drop by your office, who want to chat about things not on your agenda for the day.

­Schedule as many interruptions as you can – what? The key word is Schedule those things which you allow to interrupt your focused attention – check your voicemail and email during a specific timeframe, for example.

Have all your focus points on one sheet of paper so you can refer to it and see it in one place. This will help you to get back on track after an unscheduled interruption!

Schedule time off so that you don’t burn yourself out. All work and no play do not lead to greater productivity!

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  • It's so easy to forget about taking time off – especially when it feels like you just don't have the time! But getting it on the calendar has really helped me maintain balance which in turn helps me focus when I do sit down to work. The other thing I've discovered that really helps is soft classical music in the background – for some reason, it keeps my mind from wandering so much.

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