Are you just settling in your current work?

  • That happens.  One day you are excited about what you are doing and think that you are in the catbird’s seat.  The next day you are bored and can’t seem to get your juices flowing like they used to!
  • You may feel as though this is the time when you should be making your biggest contribution but you are dealing with the same stuff you were dealing with a decade ago!  How do you fight you way out of that dead end and turn it into something meaningful?
  • You may feel stuck when it comes to contemplating change – You haven’t really focused on yourself in networking, your resume is outdated, and your last interview was something you would rather forget!
  • Or you may be looking for what’s next!  What work can I do that leverages my experience and also taps into the things I am realizing are important and meaningful to me?

If you are looking for your next CEO role, or are a senior staff person aspiring to be in an executive position in a trade or professional association –

Here you have a thinking partner and a champion to get you into action quickly and confidently so you can stand out from the competition. And new perspectives on managing your association career, creating an effective job search campaign, and uncovering not just any job, but one that really gets your juices flowing again!

If you are looking for what’s next, I have a number of clients who are going through the process of positioning themselves for their next why! What is your why? What do you need to let go of thinking it might work for someone else, but not for you?

Call me for a Discovery Session – complimentary and value packed – with the focus on YOU!

NO Strings Attached! I just want you to experience the freedom and peace of mind you deserve!

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Inside Out – Insights into How Your Internal Advisors Work

Inside Out, the recent movie release from Disney/Pixar could be about any of us caught in a complex world where we feel suddenly unhinged by an unexpected and an unwelcome change – like a new boss or job loss, or even a bad review!

We meet the colorful characters who occupy their places at the console of Riley’s brain: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger as they negotiate for position in orchestrating Riley’s reactions to everything going on around her, and especially the trauma she experiences when her family uproots her and moves across the country to San Francisco. (You can …

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4 Tips for Getting Your Advisors On The Same Team

I Started Out Ready to be Special!

I am 5 1/2 years old, the oldest of 4 children in the family and I have just started 1st grade.  I am really excited about dinner this evening because my dad is bringing home a guest for dinner and for the first time I am going to be part of the adult conversation! We are all seated around a big wooden table – Mommy and Daddy, my younger brother and sister, the baby, and THE GUEST!  We sing grace and then I puff my chest and sit up really straight and I tell …

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Making Networking a Game

We all have our opinions about networking events – and most of us would prefer to do anything but attend a networking event – so here are a few tips to make the networking event a game.  Many of these tips come from Vanessa Van Edwards who gathers research about the science of humans and shares it on here website:

Find the best place to stand so that people naturally just have something to say to you –

The exit path form the bar – maybe you can help someone who is precariously juggling three or four drinks –walk them to …

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Turning the Success Formula Upside Down: Start with Happiness

Here’s how it works right now: If I work hard I will be more successful.  If I am more successful then I will be happier.  And we keep upping the bar for success and happiness is never achieved.

This is the starting point for the TED Talk present by Shawn Achor who is the winner of over a dozen distinguished teaching awards at Harvard University, where he delivered lectures on positive psychology in the most popular class at Harvard.

His research and lectures on happiness and human potential have received attention in The New York Times, Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, …

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Meet Me In The Big D

If you are attending the ASAE Annual Meeting in Detroit this year, the ASAE Career Advancement Center has executive and career coaches ready set up an hour session with ASAE executives to:

Strategize the next phase of your career
Define goals for your future
Assess your leadership skills to increase effectiveness
Problem-solve an issue you are facing
Work more effectively with your board and/or your staff team
Assist you in a resume review & enhancement
Assist with interview skills development

I look forward to the ASAE Annual Meeting and the opportunity to connect with long time colleagues and to meet new executives and to keep up with trends in …

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Three Tips for Dealing with the Question of “What’s Next?”

Let’s say you are 50 or so.  You have done a good job of developing your career, becoming a credible manager and leader, of getting results; and something makes you realize that you do not want to spend the rest of your life doing what you are doing!  Maybe it is a health scare; maybe a life event that has you feel your mortality; maybe a Godzilla President; a divorce, a child who starts their career and is on fire about it!

So, what’s next?

And then of course the practical side of your brain pipes in and asks “and how will …

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11 Blind Spots that May Be Limiting Your Career

And what you can do about them!
Even if you can’t see your blind spots, others can see them very clearly. Blind spots limit your career because they impact your ability to have productive relationships with those you work with, your members, customers, vendors, sponsors, exhibitors, and professional colleagues.

Here are the blind spots that others can easily spot:

Blaming others.
Throwing people under the bus.
The need to be right.
Being a know-it-all.
Complaining constantly.
Operating in a silo.
Justifying self.
Finding excuses.
Resisting others.

90% of the failure in the workplace is the inability to build and maintain relationships. To be respected and to build productive relationships, be intentional …

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